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Casino Game Online - General Terms

By playing Paddypower games offer the best odds on exclusive casino games online, you will face a multitude of technical terms and it's likely that you did not understand their meaning. Below is some general terms and their meanings.

What is the "house advantage"?
The house advantage is the inherent advantage that the casno has on his players. All games have one and it is expressed as a percentage. For a game with an advantage of 6%, the casino is theoretically supposed to earn $ 6 each time the player bets 100.

What is the "gambler's fallacy"?
Fancifully explained, "the gambler's fallacy is the belief that random events affect one between them and the result of a particular event is more likely to happen because of what happened before. In short, if you're on a run of bad luck, you will bet more because you assume that at some point or another has to stop this bad patch and you're sure to win. This is completely false because random events like throwing dice or the spin of the roulette are in no way affected by historical fact. Chances are the same all the time. So if you pull a coin 19 times and each time it comes out front, the chances for the 20th trial remain the same. There is always so lucky to get out that stack face again.

What is the "multiplayer game"?
A multiplayer game is a casino game that allows more than one player to play simultaneously with other players. It's quite common for table games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps and Bingo where you play against one or more players. Some online casinos can also chat while you play this kind of game so you could very well play poker or bingo with other players and discuss with them at the same time.

What are the "Free Tournaments" or Freeroll?
Freerolls are tournaments that simply does not require a fee to participate. They can win or gain of winning entries to other tournaments with rewards. These free games are characterized by a large number of players fighting for very small prizes. However, as you do not pay to be able to play, you have nothing to lose, you can just have fun and hone your skills and games for free.