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Old Fashioned Carnage with Nexuiz First Person Shooting

nexuiz game reviewThe Nexuiz brings a completely new appeal to its sub-genre of multiplayer first-person shooter ensemble with its slew of in-game features and memorable action sequences that will surely generate excitement and loads of entertainment. The game is truly robust and a great value with more than enough maps and dual game modes for just 800 Microsoft Points. There is an option for a Capture the Flag skirmish and a constant Four-on-Four lobby game while matches are relayed on a quick interval burst.

Nexuiz game is built on the premise of an age-old tradition of hardcore action. The pace of this high-octane first person shooter is truly a remarkable change compared to the "creep and shoot" formula used by many modern shooter games in the market.

Although, Nexuiz taps into the most basic of gaming satisfaction needs, its depth is in much need of digging as the joy of playing this game is short-lived. The selection of weapons provides little or no impact to the variance of the game with a few fire modes that don't add any kind of excitement or incremental power to the shooting damage. You can have a face-off with someone, hit them in their guts only to have them run away and finish your corpse with a hit from the re-spawn weapon.

The terrain provides a benefit for the game but the design isn't something that would awe or amaze. With a game that only caters to four-on-four most of the terrain add-ons provide unnecessary clutter. In addition to Nexuiz game review, the technical features like the graphics and audios are frustrating and pale.

If you are looking for a straightforward shooting game that is uncomplicated then Nexuiz is definitely your ticket. The trouble of not being able to create match games without satisfying a game of six however and the imbalance it brings when someone leaves can creel your gaming experience. In an ideal environment of uninterrupted playing, Nexuiz can become a truly inspired game. With the balance issues brought on by long lobby waiting, there may be less to be desired in keeping tabs on this Nexuiz game in the long run.