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Major League Baseball 2K12

Major League Baseball 2K12 is the latest installment in the MLB series published by 2K Games. It was released March 6, 2012 completing the ninth installment of the game. The first sequel came out in 2004 and a new variation is being developed to come out every year. The game allows users to have a feel of major league baseball on their device of choice. It can be played on PSP, PlayStation, and your PC.

The MLB simulation games come out every year, after the actual major league baseball game was concluded. It features commentaries from the actual people who do commentaries for the actual game. Gamers can also choose the baseball player that they like and the signature moves of that player are incorporated into the game.

MLB 2K12 has many changes made compared to previous games. There are now more hitting and pitching options, and even the players are more realistic. The virtual players are now more like their real counterparts. The game developers have added more player tendencies, and the virtual characters act more like their real baseball superstar counter parts compared to the previous versions.

People who have tried the game have varying views about it. There have been a lot of developments in technology and the game itself has been developed much. One MLB 2k12 game review said that for the author, it felt like a very strong tin man without the heart. The opinion of course is not shared by everyone since some of the fans of the game are satisfied with the changes that have been made in the game. Moreover, animations and sounds are superb so much so that when you view the game to a wide screen, you can be mistaken it to be the real one.

Indeed, Major League Baseball 2K12 have superb improvements and minor glitches that are forgivable. Give it a try and see for yourself if the exhilarating feeling of running that field and hitting that ball is a fact or myth.