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Halo 4 Game Review

halo 4Even before its release, Halo 4 already raised gamers' expectations across the globe. This results to countless buyers who ordered this game right after launching it in the market.

Game overview
Microsoft Studios published this 343 Industries-developed game and released in 2012 for Xbox 360. The first-person shooter game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode and available in downloadable form or optical media. As Halo series' fourth installment, many players who enjoyed the first releases decide to get this game to follow its storyline.

Origin and Plot
Experts behind this game announced information about this installment in June 2011 together with another game named Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Initial development stages like planning and developing other components were done earlier prior to its official announcement. A year later, Halo 4 developers declared the game's completion and released approximately after two months.

Halo 4 storyline is inspired by science fiction setting more than 500 years from today's modern time. This game follows a series of wars and conflicts against the Flood, Forerunners, and other races that contribute to the exciting game setting only experienced through this game.

Reviews highlighting this game are mainly positive across all review scores and aggregate ranking today. Metacritic reported a score for this game of 87 over 100. The Official Xbox Magazine reported a score of 9.5 over 10 for this game while IGN gave it a score of 9.8 over 10. Reports claimed that IGN's Ryan McCaffrey is one of the individuals who praised this game. According to McCaffrey, this game is regarded as the best released game in this series.

Features at a glance

Halo's 2012 release offers a wide array of features including graphics enhancement, animation and gameplay. Numerous players love the fast-paced storyline, gameplay and environment highlighted in this Microsoft Studios game. Moreover, downloadable contents are also offered for players who want to maximize this game in terms of enjoyment. Try out new maps and missions plus other bonuses offered by the company itself.

  • Halo's 2012 release offers a wide array of features including graphics enhancement and exceptional animation only this game can offer.

  • Showcasing fast-paced storyline, gameplay and environment as highlighted in playing this game.

  • Comes with high-end cinematics prior to loading the next game episode.

  • Audio and sound features are composed by esteemed composer and director who also worked on other games.

  • Highly recommended game as indicated by feedbacks coming from gaming professionals like editors and gaming magazines across the globe.

  • Try out new maps and missions plus other bonuses offered by the company through its downloadable content offers.


This Microsoft Studios-developed game is a game that you would absolutely love if you are after fast-paced game without sacrificing on graphics and animation. All its other features gained it remarkable reviews across the world coming from regular players and gaming experts, who work for famous review gaming websites and magazines.