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Heads or Tails - Now available in the casino

Betfair Heads or Tails, a game newly arrived at the Betfair Casino, is sure to capture the imagination of online gamers with its simplicity and huge potential rewards.

Heads of Tails is an interactive take on the age-old 50/50 coin toss where you don't simply bet on one flip. Instead, there are numerous combinations of flips to bet on, giving you the chance to increase your jackpot.

You can find the game on the Betfair Casino and your first job is to decide how much you want to wager using the up and down arrows on screen. Once you've settled on your stake and hit confirm, you can choose either heads or tails before your fate is handed over to chance.

The excitement of Betfair Heads or Tails comes from not knowing what the outcome will be and, although there is an informative 'last six games' bar on screen, every online gamer knows you have no greater chance of landing on heads even if the past four flips have done the same.

If you like a challenge you can opt to click on the Flip keys, which will increase the number of coins you flip in succession. Remember, if you flip three coins in a row here you will walk away with nothing unless all three coins land on your predictions.

Another take on this classic game of chance is to flip two coins at the same time. By clicking on the 2 Coin Play tab you are given the chance of correctly wagering on the outcome of two coin tosses instead of one, with the potential pay-out obviously increasing.

However, be aware if one coin lands the wrong way you lose the bet. Don't worry though, there is a handy toolbar always on screen to give your personal account information so you can keep track of your earnings and losses.

Whether you don't like games of skill or simply want to quick wager then Betfair Heads of Tails, possibly the oldest game in the world, may just be right for you.