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Why Online Casino Games are Becoming More Popular
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I've seen an interesting statistic the other day: DoubleDown Casino and Big Fish Casino are constant among the top grossing iPhone games in the US. They are both free games, with ads and in-app purchases, and generate revenues worth between $200,000 and $300,000 for their publishers each day, in the US only, and on the iPhone only. The top grossing spot on the list is constantly changing, but social casinos maintain their place among the preferred ones of players. What makes them so successful? Why do these apps continue to increase their popularity?

Easy games

The unseen part of online casino gaming - for the US public at least - is an even bigger business. Gaming venues like the All Slots Online Casino have thousands of players returning periodically, playing their games for cash - or even free. The games they find there are very easy to learn, require no skill, no strategy, but pure luck. Which makes them accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

Instant sense of accomplishment

When you play a slot machine at the All Slots Casino, you either lose or you win. But when you lose, you don't really feel like you are losing - simply nothing happens. But when you win, you feel accomplished, even if the amount you won is equal to (or lower than) the amount you bet per spin. And this makes you feel good about yourself in the long run. Besides, most All Slots Casino games come with lucrative side games, bonuses, and free spins, not to mention the select few that offer amazing jackpots to win - rewards worth playing for.

"All your device are belong to us"

Sorry for the ancient "Engrish" meme, but it is the best one to express the wide availability of online casino games. All Slots Casino can be played on a PC, a Mac, a Linux machine, a smartphone, a smartwatch, a smart TV, a console that connects to the internet - basically any device with a browser that supports HTML5. And casinos will soon invade the virtual space, too - Microgaming, a veteran casino game developer, is waiting to release its VR casino into the wild. Players can access the casino whenever they want, wherever they are, and at any time of the day. Accessibility at its greatest, don't you think?

Online gambling will continue to grow

With the relaxation of US laws and the regulation of online gambling in other countries, the future looks bright for casino operators. An estimate expects the gaming market to continuously grow in the coming years, attracting more players and entering new regions - especially in Asia and South America. Which means more games, more variety and more competition (= quality) for the gamers.