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Top 6 reasons why move to online slots
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The slot machine, fruit machine, pokies and one-armed bandit are just a few of the names given to the devices often found in the dark corners of dingy bars. Frequently these machines were inaccessible to those drawn in by curiosity to the flashing lights and strange sounds. This is no longer the case, however, as slots have made their home on the internet and are flourishing. Here are a few of the reasons the slots market is doing so well online and why its popularity looks set to increase.

1) Easy access

In the past, you were required to wait for the machine to become vacant and then cautiously approach with a stack of coins. Even when you gained access, the bright lights and hypnotic sounds would often draw a crowd to watch over you. This crowd would frequently offer advice and critically assess your navigation of the machine, while secretly hoping you failed to extract the jackpot and they could take over. The situation now is very different, as slots are just a mouse click away or even available on your phone with mobile games now on hand at Betway, meaning you can win a jackpot during your commute to work.

2) The players

Spending your time in a dark and cheerless room endlessly pushing buttons and pulling levers was not an enviable lifestyle choice. The same was true of those who played early video games, but times have definitely changed. Online casinos are now huge business and the stigma of being a slots player has been obliterated as their popularity continues to grow. Now slots are being played online in all regions of the world and by a diverse group of people.

3) Player experience

The old machines were incredibly expensive to make and offered little in terms of gaming experience. They generally featured standard symbols and a progression similar to the most boring of board games. Now players have much greater choice in terms of their gaming experience and the nature of slots. You can choose an online slot based on the game features, playability, animations or audio aspects. You can also be selective of the theme, by picking a slot that is based on your favourite movie, comic book, historical era or TV show, such as the Game of Thrones themed slot. Many of these themed games include symbols, characters and locations, combined with video and audio footage to immerse you within your chosen theme. The options are phenomenal and the experience should continue to improve as the market continues to grow and developers strive to produce the next great slot experience.

4) Jackpot

The traditional machines offered little in terms of the jackpot unless you were using the super machines in Las Vegas. With online slots, the amount you can win has become astronomical. Many players choose the online slot that offers the highest jackpot, cross their fingers and hope to become an overnight multi-millionaire.


5) Navigation and fairness

The traditional slot machines were notorious for their perceived complexity of navigation to the jackpot and there was generally always a resident 'expert' within the vicinity, ready to offer unsolicited advice. There were also often rumours about machines failing to pay out to legitimate winners or being fixed through some improvised device within. Online slots eliminate all of those concerns. With the advanced technology now in place, you can be assured about the fairness of the game you're playing. Additionally, there are player help-links, just a click away, to guarantee you're informed about how to play.

6) Free play and community

Most online casinos will offer players the option to play for free before they commit any cash to the game. This option is advisable to those who are entirely new to the world of slots and would like to gain some experience before putting cash into play. For those looking to gain an edge, there are online communities to discuss the most popular slots to play online, talk tactics or simply to boast about big jackpots earned.