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The Origins of Casino Games

It is widely understood that betting has existed in one form or another in every civilization in history. The Ridotto in Venice opened in 1638 and was the first place in the world to properly fit the modern definition of a casino, though the Italian word was not in use at this point.

Since the Ridotto paved the way for casinosthey have continued to entertain societies thrill seekers. Casino gaming has evolved a great deal since the 17th Century, especially in recent years with the advance of the Internet and online gaming making it more accessible.


Regarded as 'King of the Casino Games' due to its popularity amongst casino goers, Roulette was invented by French scientist Blaise Pascal and translates as 'little wheel'. Originally the wheel consisted of pockets numbered from 36, each pocket red or black. A ball is spun around the wheel and players bet on which pocket the ball will land, this doesn't just have to be the specific number, it can also be the colour as well as on whether it will be odd or even.

Furthermore players can bet on multiple options thus increasing their odds of winning. The game has transformed since its creation in 1796, the first real change coming in 1842 when an additional pocket numbered 0 and coloured green was added which slightly reduced the players odds of winning. Later American roulette came along; this added an additional green pocket numbered 00 that further decreased the odds of winning.

All this suggests that the roulette are ever turning in favour of the house but the emergence of French Roulette has turned that on its head. The game only one green 0 pocket and if the ball lands in there players who have made an even money bet are returned half their stake. Online gaming has brought with it a variety of different roulette games allowing players to find a game that suits them perfectly.


Blackjack is another popular Casino that has its origins in France. Vingt-et-Un, French for 21, was a game where the player's objective was for the sum of their cards to equal 21. The cards were dealt in rounds and after each round a new bet was placed with the winner taking the all of the bets.

The name blackjack comes from the games adaptation in America where an extra pay out was given if the player achieved the total with their first two cards, one of which being a jack of spades. Blackjack remains one of casino games with the best odds for players and with more and more versions of the game they can have more choice to find a game that matches their blackjack strategy, which can only be a good thing.


Poker is one of the most famous casino games as well as one of the most glamorous. There are many variations of poker but the overall aim of the game is to have the highest hand left at the end of the game; this can range from a royal flush to just having the highest single card. Poker is a game that favours skill far more than chance with players often bluffing their way to the pot with what would be considered low hands.

The rise of the Internet and technology has improved poker dramatically making the game far more accessible; now players can quickly go online and find thousands of people to play against online. One of the reasons poker is so popular is because it is a game of skill meaning players are far more in control of their chances of winning.