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Star Wars: Battlefront - Learning the Basics of the Game
It has been just in the year of 1970 when computer games began turning into a device for excitement and fun. The amusement business saw a computer games increment at a jogging pace in the following couple of decades. In the realm of innovation and advancement, PC games have assumed an imperative part.

They are continually growing new systems and methods such that the games turn out to be progressively engaging and energizing. Interestingly, computer games can be played on a hand gadget, cell phones and consoles too.

Then again, there is a colossal venture of million dollars, which is fundamental for the outlining and advancement of these computer games. On the other hand, still the business sector is one which has exponential development in this field.

Star War Battelfield

We will talk about the blockbuster game Star Wars: Battlefront, let us look at its basic information-

This Blockbuster game "Star Wars: Battlefront" is a series of a video game which is inspired and based on the films named "Star Wars" by George Lucas.

It was originally published by LucasArts in the year 2004. This series is first person shooter and third time shooter role playing game.

Release Date of game - 21, September 2004

Platform To Play

  • PCs and Computer
  • Play station 2
  • Mac OS X
  • Xbox
  • Mobile Phone

    • Modes of playing

      • Single player
      • Multiplayer

        • Famous Missions of game - There are many famous missions of this game that can be played from 40 player to 8 players. These missions and modes are -

          • Fighter Squadron
          • Supremacy
          • Cargo
          • Droid Run
          • Walker Assault
          • Blast
          • Drop Zone
          • Heroes vs Villains
          • Hero Hunt

            • There were some series like Star Wars: Battlefront 3, Star Wars: Battlefront Online and Star Wars: First Assault and Version Two, these series were cancelled out where as there are some mobile games like Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, Star Wars Battlefront: Mobile Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. It's Initial and 2nd series is very popular among the gamer of new generations.

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              Game's Basics: - First of all users need to start a new mission "which is named as "training mission" in this a player who is not much used to the game can opt for the Probe Droid Tutorial to get familiar with that game, there might be a chance to skip it by mistake but it can be replayed by going into the main menu. Moreover many tutorials are available in the option Missions which is located in Play menu.

              There will be an option named Training which will help new user to get familiar to the functions of game and use of vehicles too. To get advantage during game Star Card should be used, as different weapons and new types of gadgets can be used by the user during war by the use of star card.