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The Rise of eSports Superstars
One of the fastest growing segments of the video game industry is that of eSports. This is not only boasting of impressive viewership increases year over year but also turning up a new crop of talent and stars that keep audiences coming back for more. It has grown so quickly that many of these rising stars find themselves not only in the midst of fame but also of fortune as they rake in millions of dollars playing their favorite titles in professions eSports tournaments.

Making Money from eSports

Some eSports athletes are making so much money from the platform that you would think that eSports is an online casino with its returns on investment. The industry sure has come a long way since the early days of small purses and equally modest matches. Now the segment has grown into a pillar of gaming that is attracting billions of dollars a year in advertising and investing, some of which is coming from staid sports moguls like Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots who has made a massive bet on the future success of the emergent segment.

In fact, many eSports athletes are not only making it big in the industry but also becoming wealthy in the process. As early as 2016 ESPN was reporting on a 17-year-old eSports athlete that had made a fortune playing Dota 2. Now gamers can make a living off of such diverse titles as fighting games to battle royale shooters. And, as a recent BBC report pointed out, some eSports athletes aren't even gunning for massive fortunes but instead are using their winnings to fund their education or entrepreneurial ventures.

Unique Opportunity for Businesses

For businesses, eSports presents a unique opportunity for advertising and investment and it is no shock that serious sports investors are getting in on the eSports bandwagon. With start up costs much lower than those of a traditional football or baseball game, most eSports tournaments turn into money makers for their organizers if done right and, at the end of the day, that's what it is all about.

This low startup cost and high return on investment is the reason many people speculate that eSports athletes could begin to command salaries comparable to traditional athletes now. Again, keeping in mind it is all about economics at the close of business each day, it's not hard to see why this model is so appealing to entrepreneurs like Robert Kraft and Jeff Wilpon of the New York Mets baseball team.

A Bright Future Ahead

Many of these projections rely upon a growing audience as well as a broadening of the field of what is considered an eSport game. One advantage the segment has over traditional sports is that it can adapt and pivot with startling ease to whatever the latest trend may be - all while avoiding the serious overhead associated with traditional sports teams. As things stand right now, the future for eSports as a broad-based form of entertainment remains bright and lucrative for those that are lucky enough to get in on the action right now.