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PlayStation Mobile and Exciting Smartphone Games

PlayStation has really evolved over the years, so much so that its entertainment is no longer solely available for console gamers. PlayStation has now made games available to smartphone and tablet users who want to enjoy a quality gaming experience conveniently and on the go, via their mobile devices.

Mobile gaming is huge, and with the increase in smartphone users, it is unlikely that the demand for these games will die down anytime soon. With the number of resources and mobile ad networks, like, that can help with app development and marketing, the competition in the mobile games industry is ever-growing among well-known and indie game developers alike.

PlayStation Mobile is a Mono-based platform that makes downloadable content available for mobile devices that are PlayStation Certified. This includes the portable, handheld game console PlayStation Vita, as well as devices equipped with the Android 2.3 operating system that meet the necessary PS hardware requirements and guidelines.

With a compatible PS Certified smartphone, mobile gamers will be able to purchase and download game apps that are made available at the PlayStation Store. The games vary in price and have been created by both indie developers and popular video game developers, such as Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

Due to the fact that independent game designers have been welcomed and encouraged to develop games using the official PlayStation Mobile SDK, this will mean that smartphone users will have a much wider and more diverse selection of games from which they can play and experience.

What types of games can smartphone users expect to find via PlayStation Mobile? They will find everything from puzzles, action and adventure, to sports and simulation. Currently, there are more than 70 PS mobile games available, with more games being added all of the time.

Therefore, whether they are at home or out and about, mobile users with PlayStation Certified smartphone devices can conveniently gain access to all of their favorite entertainment.