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Journey mode will bring fascinating new dimension to FIFA franchise
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FIFA 17 will unleash its long-awaited story mode when the latest version of the successful game is launched in September.

For the first time gamers will be able to experience the journey of a footballer from breaking into the first team to lifting the Champions League trophy, enduring all moments from family life to building key relationships with team-mates.

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Gamers will build the career of Alex Hunter - at a Premier League team of their choosing - making key decisions that will affect his rise or downfall in the professional game.

The format opens up a lot of possibilities for players to ingrain themselves into, while also offering a sample of the choices their heroes on the pitch have to make on a day-to-day basis.

Hunter could be the difference between a club's success or failure, leading an outfit such as Sunderland from the bottom of the league to the summit, which would defy the latest Premier League betting odds as the Black Cats are currently backed at 1000/1 to lift the crown.

One of the key aspects for gamers will be the building of relationships in their respective team, with comments made in and out of the dressing room having a potential impact on the harmony of the club's success.

Supplanting an established player such as Olivier Giroud at Arsenal, leading the line with the Gunners could cause problems for Hunter due to the 29-year-old's presence in the dressing room.

Leicester City proved that team spirit can be the driving force towards a miraculous achievement, with every player determined to give their all for the cause. Friction with a senior player could prevent success for the club on the pitch.

Gamers will have to negotiate the task of befriending team-mates and building a rapport in the dressing room, strong enough to become an integral part of the side. Becoming a negative influence could see Hunter be shunned by his colleagues which could affect his performances on the pitch.

Interviews with the media must also be challenged with the eyes of the world watching. An ill-judged comment could have severe consequences for Hunter's ambitions, and generate a poor reputation for him across the globe.

Feuds could also be ignited with rivals and potential top-of-the-table clashes with a club like Tottenham Hotspur and their stars Harry Kane and Dele Alli. An intriguing prospect which could span several years following in the footsteps of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira's fierce battles.

With success on the field comes a spike in wages and sponsorship deals. A huge facet of the game has been coping with the additional problems that money can bring from family and friends keen to share in a young player's success and potential turning their heads.

Hunter's accomplishments will have to be managed to ensure that he does not become the latest in a long line of English talent to become overwhelmed by their early progress, which resulted in their stunted development, such as Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair among others.

The new style of gameplay will bring a fascinating realism to the lives of people who can only dream of emulating the men on the pitch every weekend, and perhaps an empathy to the tumultuous careers of their heroes.