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How to Stream Games on Twitch
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Pick a game - any game - get your stream up and running and let the entertainment begin. Twitch is a phenomenon, the big fish of the streaming industry, and for many it's been a way to turn lifelong passions into fiscal success.

The concept is simple at heart: Content creators pick a title or genre, stream their gameplay live (usually with voice or a face cam) and interact with viewers. It's like YouTube, only in real time and with a chat instead of a comments section. TV 2.0. Most Twitch streamers do it as a hobby or a way to share their progress with a community; for the most talented and charismatic, it's a route to million dollar success.

Regardless of your own goals, here's how to get your stream ready to go.

Your Hardware

First things first, you'll need the appropriate hardware. Streaming is possible off of consoles, phones, laptops, tablets, almost anything. But as a general rule, it'll always have to be sent back through a computer. That means a PC with a good processor and GPU is almost always a necessity.

Once you have that, consider a webcam, a decent microphone and a headset as peripheral accessories, maybe even upgrade that office chair. Some streams last an hour, others ten. It's important to stay comfy and maintain good posture. A portable webcam or even professional camera is also an option if you plan to stream more than your screen. Some personalities regularly do workout, cooking or on-the-street Twitch sessions for example.

When you're hardware's installed it's time to turn to software.

The Programs

One of the most common streaming programs is OBS - it's customizable, practical, and most importantly of all, free. There are plenty of quick and easy guides to getting it set up and linked to Twitch.

There are also ways to create donation, text-to-speech and sub or follower notifications through OBS, and these are almost mandatory for streamers with any kind of following as they create easy interaction with any given audience. It's easy to test OBS with your chosen game before going live, making ironing out any bugs or visual problems an easy process.

Source: Pexels

OBS will also be used to stream your XBOX or mobile game content, but there are a few more steps involved.

Games, Games, Games

So: you've got your computer ready, set and raring to go. Your streaming software is installed, your account and channel on the Twitch website created. Now for the games! Each title tends to have its own section on Twitch, with the biggest and best rising to the top of the viewer counts.

There are also more miscellaneous genres and subgenres to explore, so whether you're swinging fantasy Viking axes, managing a galaxy wide empire or taking to the blackjack tables, there's plenty to choose from. For the latter, be sure to pick from the best and most generous sites at the time. An article from here can help with that, directing players to the right online casino for them.

Streaming is diverse: a career, a hobby, a pastime, with any number of genres and personalities online. Finding your own niche will take time, but stick to it. That one viewer might soon turn into a hundred! From there the sky is the limit, with Twitch partnerships and more down the line.