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House Edge: which casino game pays the best?
Whether you're a canny gambler who's always keeping an eye out for the best free casino bonus available before you sit down to play or you're just a casual gamer who likes to spend some time playing, it's important that you appreciate how vital the house edge is in deciding what games to play.

It's fair to say that anyone who's gambling is looking to win, including the casino- that's why most of the games have a subtle advantage to the house built into the rules; the house edge.

It's easier to explain with the roulette wheel, because of the green 0 tiles on the roulette wheel the house has a few slots where they will win regardless of what the players bet on and gives them a better chance of winning.

This edge exists in all the popular casino games, purely so that the casino can guarantee a certain amount of income no matter how lucky its patrons. Obviously, if you're playing at the casino, you're hoping you'll be one of the lucky ones so how do you go about making sure you are?

That's where knowing about the house edge comes in; as long as the game has a low house edge, you've got a great chance of winning but will likely see less money paid out when you do win.

For a breakdown of the casino games by house edge, just see below!