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Bingo Patterns You Can Play
The world of bingo has two primary games - the 90 Ball Bingo and the 75 Ball Bingo. The first is a favorite among British players (and other EU countries) and the latter is a favorite among US players.

Whether you select a 90 or a 75 Ball Bingo game, there are rules that apply to both and some very different ones. The rule that applies to both is the Full House win - when all the numbers on a ticket are marked this is the winning ticket.

75 ball bingo

Simple lines for the 90 Ball Bingo

The 90 Ball Bingo, along with the Full House win, has two other options to win - a single line and a double line. The single line is when all five numbers on a single line on the ticket are marked; the double is when all ten numbers in two lines on the ticket are marked. And that is it, after the Full House the game ends and a new one begins.

Simple line patterns for the 75 Ball bingo

The 75 Ball Bingo has some more interesting rules: a way of making the game more versatile and fun is to play for a particular winning pattern. While most bingo providers announce specific design that is required for a win, there are some basic patterns that are very commonly used.

The line is the simplest pattern one can follow. The line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, and of course, you can use the blank field in the middle of the ticket to help you fill the line.

Letter and number outlines on a Bingo ticket

The grid of 25 fields on a 75 Ball Bingo game offers some freedom and versatility in design. The most common designs are the letter and number outlines. While all the letters can be drawn on a ticket, there are several more common letters like E, X, Z, S, U, and Y. The same goes for the number outlines, but the most common one is the lucky 7 - the top horizontal line completely full and a diagonal line from top right to bottom left.

Pyramid or a cake pattern

A pyramid is a stack of marked fields from the bottom to the top, starting with a full bottom line and gradually ending up to a single middle point at the top resembling a pyramid. A similar and also popular design is the cake, also starting from the bottom to the top.

Holiday themes on a bingo card

The bingo providers always follow the holidays and when a major holiday is nearing, the players are often offered themed patterns in their games. A Christmas tree, a Jack-O-Lantern, a star or a candy cane are just some of the more popular patterns.

Arrows, airplanes, diamond, frames.

The 75 Ball Bingo ticket with its grid offers the possibility to mark out a variety of different and creative patterns. The most common ones are the arrow (with no regard to the corner to which the arrow points), an airplane, a diamond, a frame (on the outside or inside rows), and many, many more.

The versatility of the bingo patterns just adds to the fun of the game. The player needs to check the bingo pattern destined to win the game they opt to play and dive in for some fun and a nice prize.