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Best Casino Games for Gaming Consoles

The Casino game market for video gamers is certainly one of the more niche markets available for those of us that enjoy spending our free time in front of an Xbox, playstation or Nintendo and, as such, there is a limited number of casino type games that can be picked up and played. However, despite this, there is definitely quality available to be had if you know where to look and even within this tight selection of games there are various different types of game and gameplay to be had. We take a look at our favourite versions of casino games for gaming consoles.

  • Casino Nights

  • Although this game is now more than three years old having been released by developer GZ Storm Games in December 2010, Casino Nights on the Xbox 360 is still one of, if not, the most complete casino games available to play. There are popular games such as blackjack and online slots, as well as Texas Hold'em poker, all of which allow you to hone your skills and strategies before hitting your local casino or heading online to play online blackjack and win big!

  • Poker Night 2

  • One of the less serious gambling games available on your gaming console, with versions released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita, and PC Poker Night 2 allows to take control of many well known characters from the video game world. This follow up adds to the player roster, with Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise the notable inclusion, and with many different unlockable items as well as game modes and difficulty settings there is plenty of life in this title from Telltale Games.

  • Red Dead Redemption

  • While, technically, not a casino title the open world adventure game developed and published by RockStar Games, famed for the Grand Theft Auto series, features many mini games of a casino game variety. This allows us to include it on the list! Both poker and blackjack are included as games that you can play at your leisure to take your mind off the exploring and killing, which is the main part of the game. The game came out to massively critical acclaim with MetaCritic giving it a 95/100 rating. If you haven't got your hands in the game yet, this is definitely a must - and not just for the casino subgames!

  • Hard Rock Casino

  • Although it may be an oldie, released by Crave Entertainment in 2006 for the PS2, it is certainly a Goldie! Hard Rock Casino places you in the role of a high rolling rock star in a casino and with more than 20 games available to play there is a lot of longevity to be had in this game. It is also an excellent instructor game with so many different games to play giving you the opportunity to learn all you need to know before give the real thing a try. Confidence is everything when you play online casino games and this is a perfect game for the beginner to find his/her feet. Head over to Butlers Bingo where you can play this game and a lot of others.

  • Starship Slots

  • As the name suggests, this game is a slots only game that is available on the Xbox360 via the marketplace, with both a free trial and $1 full version available to download via Xbox Live. Although there is only slot games to play, this independently made game offers plenty of different slot games to play in a fun and light hearted manner. At just $1 is the bargain of all the games we've listed and if you're a slot machine fan it'll be the best dollar that you ever spend!