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Amazon Ends Prime Video Game Pre-Order Discount for Members
Amazon Prime is one of the world's most famous customer discount and frequent shopper programs, often giving its members access to everything from free, 2-day shipping to discounts on a myriad of products storewide.

And as one of the world's fastest-growing retail storefronts, Amazon Prime is a veritable powerhouse for the company, attracting almost as many new customers to the service as a whole as it signs up as new members.

Everyone knows about Amazon Prime and its supposed benefits, as well as the annual marketing fest known as Prime Day, but few people are aware of a perk for video gamers that often delivered them the newest games at steep discounts if the customer preorders the title. It's as simple as Claiming your bonus with online casino after a night of gaming.


But change is on the horizon for Amazon Prime members.

Sadly, if you didn't experience it before now, you may never have the chance as Amazon has announced they are killing off the vaunted discount on new games.

A report from Polygon states that the company will be ending its popular 20 percent discount for Prime members on newly released pre-ordered video games beginning on August 28.

But do not fear, the company has already detailed plans for a replacement program for the much-loved discount.

Instead of receiving an upfront discount on pre-ordered new games ordered through Amazon customers will instead receive an electronic gift card instead sometime after purchase. This amount will be credited to the user's account balance. Of course, there is a bit of a catch: Amazon Prime members have to use the credit within 60 days of receipt, or else they forfeit it entirely.

For example, the pre-order of certain unreleased titles will come affixed with a promotional offer of a $10 gift card for the pre-order. A user then pre-orders that game after which time; whether the game was released or not, the customer will receive the $10 gift card credited to their account 35 days after the pre-order was made.

Notification will arrive in the customer's email allowing them to activate that gift card credit at which point the 60-day timer on credit begins. If it all sounds a bit complicated, it is, and many users don't like it compared to the upfront and immediate discounts they were receiving before.

The change comes as a bit of a shock to longtime Amazon Prime members who have used the service primarily to feed their gaming habit. Polygon points out the expansion of the program in 2016 to include a mix of pre-orders and new releases truly gave gamers a lot of flexibility in pursuing discounted gaming options.

The change in the Amazon program is not odd given trends in the wider industry. Amazon's move was mirrored by brick-and-mortar outfit Best Buy who canceled their similar program and replaced it with a gift card system as well according to Polygon. Of course, if it can change now, it can also change later, so some people are hoping that Amazon's new program is either as beneficial as the past program and, if not, that there is a better plan for the future on the way.